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The Number Ten Pub opens in Bologna in 1976.
The uncle of the current owners, an emigrant in Britain, there had been able to capture the main characteristics of those venues : transmit this love to their grandchildren so that are going to open something like this in the city of Bologna .
The intent is to recreate the atmosphere so special that was missing at that time in Italy and Bologna. Found the place, it seems like an auspicious coincidence that it is in Via Emilia at No. 10: an address where the " Bolognese " seems happily married with a British twist , the same number of Downing Street is in fact the home of the British Prime Minister; no doubt then on the name pub: Pub Number Ten .
The location is one of the first British pubs in Italy and in Bologna; is the organizer of a real " beer culture " that connoisseurs appreciate the extreme care taken at every stage of pinning , maintenance and service , also a growing range of brands and types of beer spreads throughout the city ​​and beyond the fame of the place.
Three generations of customers have passed through here and so it is not uncommon , even in days and hours , happens to serve the grandfather, father and son , all sharing the habit of considering the Pub Number Ten as a moment of relaxation and opportunity for pleasant meetings ; recently directed the Sky , proposed on numerous screens , offers a unique combination of sports, dinners with friends and good beer that is becoming a pleasant habit on the occasion of the many sporting events. In 2001, the local government was given a new look, only the management and the historic tree inside the premises have remained the same.
For the rest of an expansion and renovation articulated particularly now give the possibility to spend pleasant evenings outdoors in the garden, with parking for customers.
The interiors were carefully opening up to the Irish and Celtic influences; the traditional "logs" of wood gave way to a more refined decor, the environment now offers new rooms that can accommodate celebrations for birthdays, graduations, stag, etc ... Is also enriched and revamped the menu with various appetizers, salads, snacks ...
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